2023 Women’s Wheeling T-shirt


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We are bringing back the event T-shirt Pre-orders!!!!

T- shirts will be available for pick up at the event – if you would like it to be shipped after the event… we can do that toooo! 


With pre-orders, we will not be having a large amount on stock at the events for sale. Hopefully, this way we can get everyone the sizes they need. 


Also, as with registration, there is going to be a discount for ordering early and making my life easier to get you what you need! 


As in Big Dog tradition, the actual design will NOT be released till the day of the event. So, you are pre-ordering blind. 


If you do not see a size option that you need, please let me know. Orders for pre-order will go in from 15-30 days in advance of the event to have them at the time of the event. If you order after that, they will need to be re-ordered and shipped to you. 


If you have any questions or comments to make this process better, please make sure to let me know! – Lisa


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2023 Women's Wheeling T-Shirt

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