2023 Spring Fling June 23-25


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2023  Spring  Fling – June 23 – 25

Presented by: Big Dogs Family Offroad, LLC


Registration is now OPEN!! – Make sure to register for the event and then please contact The Cove Campground directly for admission to the campground and camping costs and reservations.

What to expect at a Big Dogs Family Offroad LLC event: (please read the whole way through)

When you pull into The Cove Campground, you will feel a calming sense come over you. Even if the traffic on the Cove Road is backed up, just look to your left and breath.

Once you are through the main gate, you will find us at registration in the big line up field, on the left past the main office. Here you will get registered (or finish up registration) for the event. Due to insurance regulations, waivers must be signed on sight. Anyone in the vehicle has to sign a waiver, parents must sign for children. 

Line up starts at 8am and we close the field at 9am for driver’s meeting. This is a requirement for each morning. Not sure what line you need to be in? Please stop by registration prior to the morning and chat with us, we will get you where you need to be!

A little after 9, we release the groups and off you go to explore the 3000+ acres The Cove has to offer!

We are back off the mountain by 5 pm (some come back earlier, depends on what the group wants to do)

We start the fun stuff we have planned around 7pm in the field or other locations in the campground. (mud pit, rock pile, bonfire) If you think the off-roading is fun…. just wait till you come to a mud pit or the rock pile!


What to do in between?  The Cove offers various great adventures at different times during the year. Boating, shooting range, swimming on a sandy beach with a lifeguard, various hiking trails, and I have heard of some caves. 




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Choose you Line

Line 1.2.: Beginner Trail, Novice Trail, – For Newbies and Novice, easy ride, stock vehicles are welcome, experienced guide to take their time with you, 30-33 in tires, open or locked, Line 3: Intermediate Trail – 30-33 Tires, open or locked, last step before you really want to be challenged, Line 4: Lower Advanced – 33-35 inch tires, open or locked, Ready for more of an adventure, possible body damage increases, Line 5: Advanced – 33-35 inch tires, open or locked, if you are open it will be a challenge, increased possibility of body damage, preferred for some to moderate experienced drivers, Line 6: Upper Advanced – 33-37 inch Tires, locked preferred, increased possibility of body damage, moderate to experienced drivers, Line 7: Lower Expert – 35-37 inch tires, one locker required, experienced drivers, Line 8: Expert Trail – ya know what this is, Line 9: Very Advanced – at your own risk, Line 10: Expert Advanced – your nuts, Line Simpson: Choose this line for Joe Simpson to be your guide ( club sign up)